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Nodal NGO Scheme: Ministry of Rural Development

Name of the Scheme : Nodal NGO Scheme

Sponsored by : Central Government

The scheme is introduced to reach unserved, under served, backward and unreached areas through “targeted project” mode and to maintain a sound database of credible NGOs in the specified Blocks / Districts.

Beneficiaries : Community,other,

Other Beneficiaries : States/ UTs

Benefit Type : Trainning,

Eligibility criteria :

i. Criteria for selection of Nodal NGOs: Established and credible NGOs with a proven track record in development sector would be selected in each State all over the country: i. On the basis of concerned State Government’s recommendations.

ii. On the basis of CAPART’s own experiences and information.

iii. The Nodal NGO must have a strong presence and good track record in the State. Continue reading Nodal NGO Scheme: Ministry of Rural Development

NGOs in Chandigarh


List of NGOs in Chandigarh:

Continue reading NGOs in Chandigarh

NGO Partnership System : Invite by Planning Commission of India

The Planning Commission of India invites all Voluntary Organizations (VOs)/ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to Sign Up on this system,which has been developed in consultation with the below mentioned Ministries/Departments/Government Bodies to facilitate VOs / NGOs during their interaction with the Government in connection with requests for Government Grants under various schemes of the below mentioned Ministries/ Departments/ Government Bodies, in the first phase.

Participating Ministries/Departments/Government Bodies:

All VOs / NGOs, are requested to Sign Up (one time) with the Portal to help create a data base of existing VOs / NGOs and to access information on various schemes of the participating Ministries/ Departments/ Government Bodies open for grants. Later you will also be able to apply online for government grants to the participating Ministries/Departments/Government Bodies and track the status of your applications through this system.

Any general information/query on the system may be sent to